Photography started out as a hobby for me many years ago and gradually became my profession. I studied photography at Appalachian State University (where I got my CS degree). Then I studied individually with prominent contemporary photographers, some of them are: Alexei Nikishin (Russia), Sasha Manovtseva (Russia), and, of course, Peter Hurley (USA). I also have an extensive background in theatre — in acting, directing and teaching — and this background has a great influence on my approach to portrait photography. By the way, at my theatre institute I have studied the history of the fine art in depth and I continue to visit art museums and galleries regularly to keep in touch with the great masters of the past.
I work in different portrait genres. Whether it is a contemporary digital headshot, or classic b/w silver gelatine portrait, I alway strive to create a piece of work that I can put on my wall or in my album, such kind of work, that when I look at it, I feel that the day has not been lived in vain.
Get in touch, book a session — I’ll be happy to work with you!

Some Years ago, when I was just starting out in my headshot portraiture, during a teleconference with the founder of an international association of headshot photographers, the «Headshot Crew», Peter Hurley, my headshot of a Russian actor Vladimir Khrabrov was chosen as the headshot of the week.

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